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Letter from the Principals

When we started the Keystone Partnership in 1992, we had a clear vision of what our mission was. It was to listen to our clients - both employers and candidates. To be successful in the recruiting business you have to understand the corporate culture of a company as well as what the characteristics of a candidate must be to thrive within the organization. Every company is different as is every search assignment. Our goal is to find the "right choice" for our employers and the “right opportunity” for our candidates. Our promise is to recruit ethically and in the strictest confidence.

We believe that a successful company's most critical investment is in its leadership. Those are the visionaries, critical thinkers and business drivers who will grow and expand the business. Where are these people? How does a company find and attract those individuals? We know where to find them. Most are in the "unpublished marketplace". Those are the people who are not actively looking for a career change. Those are the people who believe that they are satisfied with their current job; until they are approached by us and shown how to leverage their career into a better paying, more challenging opportunity. We are our client company's advocate. We tell their story to those in the unpublished marketplace. The next time that you have a need to hire and outstanding individual, let us tell your story. You can call me directly at 314-878-7200.

Kenneth G. Amsinger
A. Patrick Queensen
The Keystone Partnership